How to set two background images for an HTML page ?

The other day I was wondering how could I set two background images for an HTML page and I came with one solution.
I don’t know if it’s the best way to do that but it worked as I wanted.

To explain the solution, here is the complete steps I made

First I had an HTML page without any background:


Then I added some CSS to set a background image :


   background:url("img/bg.gif") no-repeat fixed left top #9AE4E8;

The result was good :
But I wanted to add a second background image on the right bottom :
So I moved my background declaration for the head part of the html file

 background:url("img/bg.gif") no-repeat fixed left top #9AE4E8;

and I added an other background declaration for the body part

 background:url("img/logobeachrahier_medium.png") no-repeat fixed right bottom ;

The background declared for the body is applied over the html one:

I think it’s Pretty good now.

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