A few resources about ASP.NET vNext

Intro by Scott Hanselman :

Intro by David Fowler :

  • A better platform for building web applications with .NET
  • Things we wanted to fix
  • System.Web

Overview by David Fowler :

Intro by Jeff Fritz:

  • Introducing OWIN
  • MVC – Meet WebAPI, WebAPI meet MVC
  • Bye Bye System.Web
  • Blistering Performance
  • Where is web.config?
  • Welcome Project.JSON!

Videos :

Scott Hanselman and Scott Hunter : INTRODUCING: The Future of .NET on the Server

David Fowler and Scott Hanselman : DEEP DIVE: The Future of .NET on the Server


Source code :

Asp.Net vNext is open source and can be found on github :

The current version of ASP.NET is still on codeplex :

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