Tip : How to know how your product name sounds in another language.


Finding a name that suits your product/business/application/[anything] is hard.
It’s even harder when you want your product to be available worldwide.

You have to keep in mind that the name you found can be perfect in you language but can have an dumb (or offensive) meaning in another one.

You will also wonder how the name you came with will sound in other languages.

To help you with these questions, here is a quick tip: use google translate https://translate.google.com

First, it will help you to know the different meaning your name can have


Second, you can listen how it sounds in different languages

2016-01-29 10_10_57-Google Translatefrench

2016-01-29 10_10_24-Google Translateenglish

It will not really help you to find a name, but it’s a cheap and easy way to test if what you came with doesn’t sound really weird in some languages.