JS Mixer is released

CSS mixer is really cool.  Good job.  Is there a JavaScript mixer?

It’s the main content of a mail I received last week.

It decided me to write a JS Mixer application, based on CSS Mixer.
The big part of the work was already done, I just needed to adapt my code.

Just like CSS Mixer, you can download it from codeplex : http://jsmixer.codeplex.com/

You can also download it from some software websites.

JSMixer antivirus scan report at softoxi.com

Remark :

With ASP.NET WebForms, you can achieve the same result by setting a few propertie to the ScriptManager control.

But the advantage to use a tool like JSMixer, is that your server doesn’t have to do the work : it’s already done !

And when you spare some work to your server, your server is happy !

CSS Mixer

CSSmixer128 Css mixer is a tool I’ve developped in C# winforms, .NET framework 3.5

You can use it to improve you ASP.NET Themes or your CSS files for all your web projects.

If you have many css files linked to a page, you can group them in a single file with CSS Mixer.

You can also minify CSS files to save the bandwith.


To use it, open a folder containing CSS files,


choose an action (simple combine, or combine and minify) then click Save as …


Download the last version of CSS Mixer on codeplex.

I hope you’ll find it usefull. please give me feedback on it

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